Innovative Implantology Concept

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The S-Type Spiral body is designed with self-drilling capability for high primary stability. The SURCAM self-tapping S-Type implants orientation can be adjusted during insertion with high initial stability even in soft bone, which enables a smaller osteotomy, resulting in minimal bone loss and reduced trauma. The S-type implants are the optimal solution for immediate loading restoration.


The U-Type – Classic Thread Conical shape. The U-Type Implant is suitable for all clinical procedures. With the U-Type implant you achieve high primary stability. Moreover, in cases of weak bone structure the U-Type Implant condenses the peri-implant bone. The U-Type Implant is very stable and controlled during placement with the option of immediate restoration and loading.


The R-Type Cortical implant  has been designed for better stability during immediate loading. Its sharp, deep threads provide extremely strong retention for primary implant stability. The R-Type Cortical implants are used to create multiple restorations in the upper and lower jaws as well as for placement directly into alveolar processes. They are also intended to be inserted into immediate extraction socket. The structural characteristics allow placement in areas with severe deficit of bone tissue width and height. The R-Type Cortical implants can be used in combination with compressive implants.

Surface treatment configuration

SURCAM’s surface treatment of Dental Implants is at a very high level, and includes processes such as dry alumina blasting and double acid etching (SLA type of dental implants surface treatment).

The surface of the implant at low magnification (X50) in back scattering electrons.
The Implant’s surface at high magnification (X2000) in secondary electrons.

Implants packaging

Single Implant box - Implant type Label `{`S-Type / U-Type`}`.
10 Package box - your Implant type is marked.